S.W. Basics Of Brooklyn Makeup Remover

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Makeup removers go onto some of the most sensitive skin on your whole body; your gorgeous face. This makeup remover is made from super-light, organic sweet almond oil, a bit of organic extra-virgin olive oil, and a little jojoba oil. Shake it up and put it on with a cotton ball to remove all traces of makeup without any burning eyes or greasy residue. It doubles as a light moisturizer too. S.W. Basics products are made simpler for a reason: fewer ingredients means higher potency and less of a chance for irritation, which is why they're so amazing even on super-sensitive skin. All of S.W. Basics' ingredients are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small, family farms. Ingredients: Organic Sweet almond oil, Organic Extra-virgin olive oil, Organic Jojoba oil. Shake well and apply with cotton. Any excess can be wiped clean or gently massaged into the skin with your hands. Does not contain dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast, preservatives, or parabens. Made in USA. 2 oz. glass bottle. Seen in Town & Country magazine.

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