Priti NYC 'Japanese Rose' (Rose Red) Nail Color
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Priti NYC 'Japanese Rose' (Rose Red) Nail Color

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Priti NYC Japanese Rose nail color is a stunning, classic red that is ideal for all skin tones. Does not contain harsh chemicals. Made in USA. If Priti Polishes are properly cared for they will last longer than commercial toxic polishes. Proper product care includes tightening bottles between uses and keeping them out of direct water when not in use. Known among beauty insiders as the pioneering leader in luxury and eco-friendly nail polish, the quick success and notoriety of Priti NYC can be attested to it’s founder, Kim D’Amato. The idea behind Priti NYC came alive during her pregnancy. D’Amato made a conscious effort to switch to organic foods and health products, yet couldn’t seem to find a way to beautify herself in the same natural manner.

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