'Bleecker St. Babe' Mint Nail Polish
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'Bleecker St. Babe' Mint Nail Polish

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This moss gray-green, named after the hip New York City West Village street, is opaque, modern, and ultra glossy. Bleeker St. Babe is a gorgeous and transformative hue that changes from gray to green to purple, depending on the light. Bottle color in one coat. Mint Polish is a toxin-free boutique nail polish company that orignated after the discovery that nail polish products are considered hazardous waste in some counties in the U.S. The polish is a long-wearing nail lacquer with increased molecular polymers to improve shine, durability and application. Does not contain formaldehyde, DBP, toulene and is not tested on animals. 'Bleeker St. Babe' is a mossy gray-green that transforms from green to gray depending on the light. Opaque and glossy, the bottle does not do the transformative color justice. Made in the U.S.A. Comes in individual box.

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